Wednesday 3/25/20

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is doing well. Just a few reminders:

  •  Please send an email to me by 9am letting me know that your child is working on the days assignments so I can mark them present.
  • Have you child log into, or every day for 15 minutes
  • Have your child log into for 20 minutes a day.
  • Check Mrs. Cullen’s page on Tuesday and Thursday’s for her lessons.
  • Have your child complete 2 pages of handwriting

Wednesday 3/25
1. Fat math workbook pages 457-460
2. Word work book page 91
3. Reading- students will be reading It Isn’t Fair on pages 146-147 in their superkids reader and answering questions
4. Spelling -scrambled sentences worksheet
5. Contractions task cards 1-10
6. Writing- Imagine that you are in the park. Use your senses to think about everything around you. Write one sentence for each of the following: What would I see? What would I hear? What would I smell? What would I taste? What would I feel?
10. Religion- Students will read pages 202-203 and answer the following questions: Who would you like to pray for next Sunday at Mass? Why do we say the Creed at Mass? How can we show care and concern for others?
11. Science Lesson 6- Photosynthesis . Students will explore how different leaf shapes help a plant to get more sunlight. Refer to the power point presentation. Students will be making chlorophyll rubbings
12. Social Studies Topic- cultures/China Students will be reading a letter from a student who lives in China. They will then be answering questions as if they are that student. They will then be completing a Venn diagram comparing their life to the students life. They will also fill out a fun fact page.